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Monday, December 15, 2014

Cozy Weekend and Christmas Cards

I only ever take pictures in our kitchen nook! It's just my favorite room in the house. This is Drew's tree. It is colorful and filled with soft pom poms and animals. Drew has loved the pom poms and I have to remind her often that they stay on the tree. (Not in her mouth) I will be making pom poms for days. My goal for 2015 spare time is to make them for Christmas next year because they take a while! They look adorable though so they're totally worth it.
A rocking horse. Nana brought this over Saturday for Drew to ride on since she enjoyed playing with one at her Great Grandpa's. She loved it. This lady in her Christmas jammies, on a rocking horse... I could serve her with ice cream and eat her right up.
My house is a disaster. This room was clean long enough to take a couple of pictures and now.. maybe I will post those pictures later this week.
I see it like this, I can continue to decorate, address invitations, and bake cookies, or I can obsess over every mess made. I'm really good at obsessing too. It's a little easier to quit the clean obsession when I remember how fleeting time is. Drew is only getting older each day.
I use my mason jars for every season. In the Spring, flowers. In the fall, pine cones. In the winter, Christmas tree scenes! I just need some little deer to put in there.
Our Christmas cards arrived freakishly fast. Thanks, Tiny Prints!
One of my favorite things about this time of year is checking the mail for Christmas cards. I love sending them too. Our card this year reflects our family so well. I debated on picking a more formal picture of Drew, but I loved these pictures from our visit to the tree farm. We enjoyed that day immensely. It may be my favorite day in the last year.
Y'all. Last week of work before Christmas! I. Can't. Wait.

(In Drew's defense.. this was Saturday night. She woke up Sunday morning with a nose bleed and a fever. Not sure she was feeling so well the night before for a picture.)

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