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Thursday, December 11, 2014

How Swept Away came to be

If you're new to Swept Away, here is brief introduction. Why? Because that "About" tab at the top of the page was feeling lonely.
Swept Away began in 2008 when Andy and I got married and has always been a fun way to document our marriage. I used the name Swept Away because it was a play on our last name, "Broome." I didn't know when I began the blog that the name would mean even more in time. My husband is a passionate fisher man. I realized this after we were married when a handful of beach trips had to include a deep sea fishing excursion. It's funny that he loved it so because I remember my dad had always told me that that was one thing he wanted to take me to do that we never got to. Deep sea fishing. Andy made his vacation hobby a living dream when he bought his own boat. 
We named it, yep, Swept Away. 
 (The first Swept Away)
We enjoyed the heck out of that boat. We took more beach trips than ever just to put her in the ocean. I will never forget the wonder I felt when we dropped anchor out in the middle of the deep blue sea surrounded by nothing but water. No sight of land, the only noise was the wind, waves, and people scooting by you to prepare their rod and reel for a big fish! 

 From my personal experience, there was always a tad bit of fear about being out their all alone, but a tingling excitement too. I would always think, "Who gets to do this every day?" I'll never forget the ending to one day on the water, I had called it quits on fishing and sat on the tip of the bow of the boat as it rose high and fell deep. Each time it dove, my toes splashed the water.

I was looking, looking, hoping to see a dolphin and much to my excited terror, instead a shark! A hammer head. Maybe 5 feet long. The wonders of the ocean never let us down. Each time we went out there was something fascinating to see. Andy could tell better stories than I could ever tell as he took the boat out many more times than I ever tagged along. 

 And what is this blog or our boat adventures with out my amazing captain. There may be no memory I treasure more of my side kick than our trips out into the ocean. He always had me huddle up to his side as we made our way out. If you've ever been deep sea fishing, you know that the trip out can beat your body up if you're not on a huge boat. You also get very wet. He always placed me right by his side so I would bump into him and not get wet. He let me drive the boat too. He probably loved most watching someone else get a big catch than himself. But rest assure, he was the very best at catching big ones. He would fight a fish for what seemed like hours trying to get it in the boat. Watching him and waiting to see what mystery would come out of the water was literally the best part of the trip.

Shortly after Andy sold the first boat and bought Swept Away II, I found out I was pregnant with Drew. It was decided quickly that the finances and time that are required of a huge ocean friendly boat were not necessarily baby friendly. 

 (This was taken less than two months before we found out I was pregnant with Drew)

We sold Swept Away II and then we got Swept Away III or as some call her, Drew. 

We wouldn't trade Swept Away III for the biggest boat in the ocean. I've found too that Drew is quite undeniably our greatest adventure yet. Even before we took trips to the middle of the ocean, life with Andy was always magical. With Drew here, that magic just multiplies. I thank God for that. That what could feel mundane and routine to some, I can look back on as being totally magical. Life may not look as fabulous as it once did, but it certainly is in a completely different way.
It is my sincere hope and prayer though that some day Andy can get back in the water, as the captain of his boat. Even if it includes a move to the Sunshine State where I can play first mate. 
We can dream right??
 As for now, we continue to live many boat-less adventures with our prized pie little lady. 
I know this post was long, but how do you summarize 6 years of blogging? You can't. That's what the archives tab is for. Read through some old posts and get to know the Broomes. Or click over there on the right hand tab "Popular Posts" for the things people have most enjoyed about this little blog. I will never limit my writing to any one topic. I enjoy my family life most, but every now and then you will find a DIY, home update, and of course, Fashion Friday.
I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing!

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Unknown said...

Love this post and I bet you'll be sharing first mate duties with Drew when she gets older. I have the best memories of fishing (from Mexico Beach and the Cape) with my dad. Such a special bond.