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Monday, December 1, 2014

Pickin a Tree

 I've waited for this day forever. I anticipated taking Drew to pick her first tree since last Christmas! We have an artificial tree in our den, I know lame. So we wanted to pick a tree to sit in the kitchen nook where Drew likes to play. We wanted it to be small and easy to decorate with soft ornaments that were OK for her to touch.
 Lucky for us, we live less than a mile away from a Christmas tree farm!
We loaded up the mule and headed down the road to pick a tree.
 I have been to a few Christmas tree farms in my life and this one by far was my favorite. It felt cozy and friendly. They had a barn full of apple cider, hot chocolate, and coffee. 
Fresh wreaths and garland too.
 The icing on Drew's cake was the hayride. That girl loves to watch a tractor and she had a front row seat on the hayride to watch the tractor pull us along.
Her vocabulary is growing daily and she squealed "teeee" and "mooon" as we rode. (*tree, moon)
I gave Drew a few sips of my hot chocolate which may explain why she was so cranked up all night. She loved it! First sip of hot chocolate in the books. 
First hot chocolate mustache too.
 "This one dad!" 
Drew wasn't really that into picking the tree. She just wanted to run through them all.
She also wanted to run from us. Her new thing is to go the opposite of the direction she is being asked to follow. I'm getting really good at faking something exciting going on in another room in attempt to wrangle her.
 "Not true mom!"
Drew is calling me "mommy" now. So weird, who taught her that? I really don't know. I have only ever referred to myself as "mama." Or boss lady, only to Mr. Broome, of course. 
(Ha! Juuuust kidding.)
 We loved the whole experience today. The owner and his crew were super friendly, like something out of a Hallmark movie. No kidding, Springbrook Farms could be in a Hallmark movie. You heard it here first.
And of course, If I could do it differently next time, I would've gone a little closer to dusk for better pictures. I would've also had another cup of hot chocolate. Sigh.
 (Headed home with our tree!)
 I made a bunch of pom pom's for Drew's tree and I'm trying to find more soft ornaments to make. I will post some pictures of it once finished!

This is by far the best time of year. I hope you are relishing in it as I am. And if you were thinking about an advent study...I am reading this one. And if any of you have an idea of how to enjoy the season of advent with your toddler, please share!

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