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Friday, December 5, 2014

Winter Peach

Drew likes to throw a little dose of comedy into most situations whether intentional or not. If she throws food from her tray and we get on to her she grins really big and says "hiii!" As if to distract from her "no no."
 Or she sporadically bats her eye lashes in the middle of dinner every time you attempt to give her another bite.
 Today Drew pulled a good one on us.
 We got a wild hair to take the mule riding on some of Andy's hunting trails. Drew was dressed for the day so I grabbed my camera, knowing an opportunity for snaps would present itself.
 Indeed it did, but we had to work for it. Andy didn't feel comfortable taking the mule down a steep hill to the creek, so we made the trek on foot. It was worth it as Drew loved trying to stomp in the creek and I loved capturing her little personality.
 But we weren't there long when Andy asked what that brown spot was on Drew's sweater. I said "maybe mud?" (We are in a creek, ya know??) Nope. Not mud. I think you know what it was. 
Thanks Drew. You obviously didn't care about it, but your daddy sure didn't appreciate hiking you back to the mule with your mud on his clothes. 
 She's always pulling one on us. 
Vest: Carters   Sweater, Tights, and Boots: Crazy 8
I told Andy his arm was already smelly, might as well make fun of it. Look at that baby and her daddy. Just alike.

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