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Friday, February 27, 2015

Clumsy Ballerina

 I took these pictures back before Christmas. Drew was too sick for pictures this past weekend. Remember that time I knocked on wood for saying we had a well streak?? Oops.
 Drew had a bug from last Friday until Monday-ish. Then of course, mommy got one too! Mine was a lot shorter than hers.
 This little outfit is super cute and silly. I dressed her in it for my pure entertainment.
 Let me tell you. Those neck ruffles were a no-go. Drew was all, "Noooooo mamaaaa!" I told her to suck it up for mommy to get a pretty shot.
 And she did. I love this girl.

 Dress: Little Magpie       Headband: East of These 
(Also, East of These is having a BOGO vegan leather headband special if you or your little lady needs one!)

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