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Monday, February 16, 2015

Oh, Hey.

 Y'all. These pictures have nothing to do with anything. Except that they were taken in my long absence from this blog.
 (NYE 2015- bonfire + fireworks= excellent fish eye lens experimenting opportunity)
So here it goes... life has been busy, womp, womp. Drew is growing and becoming smarter, faster, sassier, everything "er." Therefore I am all the more tired"er."
In a brief burst of energy, I give you a re-cap:
We had a great Christmas spent at our house with all of our family and more. Christmas day we had friends and family visit and have lunch with us. I felt such warmth in my heart as different people popped in and shared in the coziness of our home on the most precious day of the year. 
My favorite memory from Christmas day, was waking Drew that morning. Me, Andy, Drew's grandparents, and Aunt and Uncle all stood outside of Drew's door singing "Rudolph." We watched her on the monitor stand up in her crib and yell, "hey!!"
 NYE was spent with close friends also at our home. Andy built a giant bonfire which the guys tended all night while the girls meandered back and forth from the fire inside to outside.
I made resolutions for the New Year and am currently working on them. This may or may not have led me away from the blog! I promise to be back though.
 January took Andy away for a week for work and a hunting trip which gave me and Drew some nice quiet time at home together. Drew is learning so many words and what things mean. She loves to read her "bibuh(Bible)" and tuck her baby in "ni ni(night night)." You can tell her to go to her room and pick out a certain book and she will bring it to you! Drew likes to poke and name all the parts of your face too. The kid does tricks, I tell ya.
 January brought out the more fit Kirbey. January tends to do that to people right? I haven't been running as much as I would like, but I have been squatting and crunching a lot more. Resolutions. Taking them one day at a time. Also resolving to drink less chocolate milk.
 2015 has turned Andy into a carpenter. He's like a master wood worker, I'm not even kidding. I can't wait to post on his two most recent projects!
 That's it for tonight ladies and gents. I PROMISE I'll be back!

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