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Friday, February 20, 2015

Our First Honey Bee Tee

Drew is WILD. Taking her picture is like trying to catch a lizard by its tail. You just hope whatever body part you grab keeps her from running away! Getting a non- blurred picture is almost impossible. She keeps us on our feet. At the same time though, all of a sudden she can sit and play by herself. We can possibly sit in the den for 5 minutes without following her out of the room. This is especially nice on Saturday mornings.
 This is a Honey Bee Tee. One of my favorite bloggers who no longer blogs started this t- shirt company. I admired them from afar until Drew was finally big enough to fit the smallest size. These t-shirts are so soft and perfect for a little one to play in.  
 Drew's leather bow is from my old college buddy's shop, Southern Adoorments. Nikki makes the most magical bows. If you want one, you need to follow her on Instagram for her "bow releases." No joke, they sell out fast!
I don't know if you watch the news, but there are so many scary stories swarming the television these days.It's important to remember at this time and all times in our lives Who is in absolute, unquestionable control. If you feel overwhelmed as I often do, I think you should get lost over here. And just like her page says, get some quiet relief.
I hope everyone has an excellent weekend.
I know me and Drew will be glad to have some time with Daddy!

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