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Friday, April 24, 2015

The Bonnet

 Drew refused to wear this precious bonnet on Easter like I planned. Nothing in life goes as planned does it? Drew teaches me this every morning. Literally. This is a universal mommy truth.

 Of course, she was all about it with the bribe of some chex mix. Wish I had known that Easter morning. When I put it on her sweet little head for these pictures she acted like it was no big deal.
("No big deal mooooooom!")
Drew is growing by leaps and bounds. She is saying an abundance of words and repeating everything she hears. She tells us to "siii down!" (sit down) and to "piii up!"(pick up) when she drops something. She is demanding but we can't help but laugh.
 Her new thing is to yell "no shoes!" when she's freaked out. Andy has a mini helicopter he flies around the house. When she hears it,  she comes running to find me screaming, "no shoes!!" 
No one's getting your shoes little girl.
 Drew has tinkled in the potty a handful of times. Not sure if this is something to get excited about because she still thinks it's funny to poop in the bath tub. She laughs. Mommy doesn't laugh. Mommy does blog about bath tub poop and bonnets. Oops.
 The first word out of Drew's mouth every morning is "daaadddy." She wants daddy upon waking. Andy is of course, on his way to work when she wakes. I have to give her a minute each morning to come to terms with the fact that she's stuck with mama. When I tell Drew that she's being sweet or that her hair looks pretty she says "daaaadddy" and grins really big. She knows that daddy always tells her those things. We love daddy.
 If you're still here reading... thanks for your loyalty! I'll try to be back soon!
 Bonnet: The Beaufort Bonnet Company   
Romper: RL 
Shoes: Sweetheart Sun Sandals

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