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Monday, November 30, 2015

bath time

 Could be Drew's favorite part of the day. You have to remind her she's not in a pool or lake and can't splash as though she is. 
To which you get this look. 

Bath toys include, old pampered chef kitchen brushes, Thomas the Train, boats, and cups.

 Drew loves to use "big girl" soap. Sugar scrub is her favorite. I pour some in her hand and she rubs it all over saying "ooh, this feel good!" 
She then asks everywhere she can rub it. Can I rub it on my arm? My feet? My tummy?

Bath time has always been fun for mommy too. Maybe because she's contained in a small place and I don't have to chase her for a brief 20 minutes of the day. 

These moments are fleeting. One day she will be picking out her own shampoo and kicking me out of her room and bathroom. For now,  I'll look forward to her helping me bathe little sister and in time, teaching her sister how to play in the bath too. 

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