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Friday, November 27, 2015

catching up

 Drew has a new kitty, Minx.
 She calls him Minxy Boy.
Minx is an outdoor cat and loves every bit of attention he gets from Drew.
I quit my job of 8 years in August and began working on my Master's degree in education. This has allowed me so much time with Drew.
  It was a big life decision to make, and has been well worth it. Drew goes to a two year pre-k at our church in the mornings while I study and then we have the rest of the day together.
 She is exhausting, as every toddler is. I understand why full time moms always feel like they look so haggard. 
 Add in pregnancy and well... you will find me in yoga pants and unwashed hair most days.
 Drew is sassy and stubborn and sweet as can be. She is currently rebelling against potty time. Something about someone telling her to go is the only reason why she refuses. She has incentives to go. Tic tacs and M&M's.
 I take Drew "running" with me, if you can call it that. Drew likes to get out of the stroller and run too. And stop. And pick up leaves. And climb on benches. You get the drift. Running is really chasing Drew. Or lots of walking after tiring from chasing Drew.

I love grad school and everything I am learning. I think after a lot of prayer and a few years of feeling I was in the wrong profession lead me to a good place. 
I am anticipating a crazy spring. New baby, toddler, and somewhere, somehow, studying in the meantime. I can't wait though.
 We all can't wait. Andy says he's going to be outnumbered. He said he's going to have to
 start taking Drew to the woods with him so he will have a hunting partner.
 I think he's got a few years before that can happen. 
I'll be back soon. I finally got all 26,000(that's right) pictures off of my computer and it's finally running faster. All the reason I need to take more and blog. 
Thanks for reading, if you're still here.

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tmh said...

I'm still here! Don't ever stop.