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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Yesterday was the perfect day to get outside and exercise.
 I thought that being home with Drew would allow me to exercise any time I wanted. Kind of the opposite. We normally can't get out of the house until the end of the day.
 Nap time is incredibly important and has to come before any outings after pre school. I never thought I would be one of those mothers so attached to her schedule, but I am. I really don't like to veer from routine. I feel out of sorts when the day doesn't go as I mapped it out in my mind.
 I can imagine moms of multiple children may read that and roll their eyes. I am sure with a second babe in the mix, I won't have a choice. When fresh, new babies arrive, they are the schedule!
Drew was so colicky when she was born. When she came I just waited for the moments where she wasn't crying. I learned quickly then to throw the schedule out of the window. 
I think I will be prepared to plan life around an endlessly crying baby, but I am secretly hoping this one will just want to snuggle and smile. 
 That's really wishful thinking right?? Drew is not a snuggler. She really never has been. She is in constant motion, moving on to the next thing. Most tantrums are a result of someone interrupting her plans. Potty break? No way. Busy playing kitchen.  
 She's definitely not interested in stopping for a picture. She literally runs from my camera. Too bad she has a camera obsessed mom.
 The temperature yesterday was not even fallish. Way to warm to be this close to Christmas.
 The runner in me loved it though. More time to be outside before it turns really cold. Of course, I'm not that big yet, but I am bigger now than I was at the same week with Drew. I am already feeling like something is bouncing on my bladder. All part of it, I know, and am thankful for. I can run again when the new baby comes. I am sure I will need to!
 I try to get Drew out of the house and running around as often as I can. I feel like if I don't, I haven't given her every opportunity to absolutely pass out at bedtime. That's important. I need a tired baby at bedtime.
 I am treasuring sleep now. As I've laid in bed this week, I have started feeling the baby kick. Andy has felt her too. I can't help but remember the realization that hit me not long after Drew was born. Babies are active at night! That's why mommies don't get much sleep.
Wouldn't it be nice if I could assign Drew baby duty in the middle of the night? 
Hopefully she will enjoying playing mommy to her new sister. If it's anything like how she treats her babies, we have some work to do:)
Two is so much fun. 

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Jessica Wright-Moore said...

Girl!! Love these so much . Looks like you are loving your new set up!