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Thursday, December 17, 2015

peddling in a Christmas dress

We got a balance bike for Drew's second birthday. Almost five months later and she still can't ride it. I didn't really think she would be able to from day one, but I was excited to see her try. The tiny bike sits in the same place in the house, waiting for her legs to grow a little longer and her coordination to develop a tad more. Not long after, my mom got a little tricycle to keep at her house. Drew wasn't quite sure about it at first, but now she is a peddling fool. She wheels that thing around without a problem only requesting a "push me mama" for hills. 
When she was born I was so ready for the next thing she would surprise us with. Rolling over, sitting up, walking, running, you name it. I anticipated it all and hoped each time she showed us a new "trick" that another would soon follow. 
It's crazy how fast she's growing. People always says that it happens fast and I never really understood until now. It really is happening fast. She can stay on her tricycle as long as she wants as far as I am concerned. No need to hurry anything anymore. 
Except potty training. I have to throw that exception in there. 

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