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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

the polar express

 We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Bryson City to ride the Polar Express.

 We took a long weekend and rented a cabin just me, Andy, and Drew.

  Drew knew this was a real vacation because she demanded lots of sweets and endless movie time.
We obliged. 
  It's hard not to.
 The train ride was adorable. They served hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. The waiters sang Christmas songs and songs from the movie played throughout the train cars. 
 The conductor came through and punched each child's ticket which was basically the highlight of the trip for Drew. She has the movie memorized.
 Santa handed Drew her very own bell and asked her what she wanted for Christmas. She told him she wanted a "ticket." (A ticket to ride the Polar Express- ha!)
 We had to wait in the cold to load our train car a good 45 minutes, which was difficult with a toddler, but worth it. Drew LOVED watching the train pull up with all of it's pretty lights. 
 The train ride took us through the "North Pole." We got to see where Santa lived and where his elves went to church. The train basically took you through some pretty goofy looking Christmas lights, but they were adorable and exciting for the kids.
 You can see Drew's excitement over her very own punched ticket. Drew, this is what you asked Santa for! 
 Not interested in the hot chocolate, but was thrilled to dance to the "hot chocolate" song.

 A sweet family beside us volunteered to take a family picture for us. Only picture of the three of us for the whole trip.
We had the best time! Of course, as always, there is nothing more joyful than watching this lady enjoy new things.
I tried really hard to learn how to use my camera for night time pictures in the train, but with the train movement and my movement, it was near impossible!
(21 weeks)
 I asked Andy to take a picture of me to remember that this was the time we were pregnant with Drew's sister. I feel bad that I've neglected to take those monthly pictures this go around. I'm just way more busy and tired!
Speaking of tired. Bedtime was easy peasy the entire trip. Out of town vacay and Christmas excitement knocked this girl out. Can't complain about that!

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