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Monday, January 4, 2016

the cold is here

It's finally cold! I thought we might skip winter for a minute there. We took Drew to our camper at the lake for NYE and spent more time snuggling inside, watching movies, and playing with stickers than anything else. We love our camper on the lake and have had the best time since we bought it. Any chance we get a free weekend, we head to Wedowee. We had a great NYE with friends on our deck, watching the game, eating chili, and letting the kids dance to the strobe light, thanks to a festive friend. I never think of that kind of stuff, but Drew loved the strobe light. Strobe lights = instant party. 

We don't have cable at our camper, just a huge assortment of movies. We've debated getting it for the times we're down there, but I have found that endless movie marathons are fun and the lake is generally a step away from the chaos of normal life and that includes t.v. Of course football is exempt from that. The guys find a way to get football on. Luckily our camper neighbors (i.e. brother & sister in law) have satellite. 

We took the Christmas tree in Drew's room down the day after Christmas. Not in a hurry to get it out, but basically to de-clutter. She got a cute little vanity from Santa and I wanted to put it in her room. She likes to do her "make-up" and blow dry her hair. She's almost a total girl some days. So she saw Andy carry her tree out of the house. No big deal. No tears. We got to bedtime that night and I was about to walk out of her room when she stood up in her crib and said "where my Christmas(more like Christmuh) tree???" I explained we had taken it down and put her vanity in it's place. She began to full on cry, "I can't believe that! My Christmas tree gone! My tree gone! Why you take my tree?" Kind of broke my heart. 

Drew has been a vocal child for a while, but lately says things that totally surprise and tickle me, and often at night. Bedtime isn't always easy. Sometimes she fusses some and yells things from her bed to let you know she's not happy she had to go to bed. It doesn't last long and mostly she puts herself to sleep. Last night however, I left her room and shortly after she began yelling "Mommy never pats me! Mommy never pats my back!" Yowzas. Way to make a mommy feel bad. 

Drew Doodles,
I do pat your back. Most every night. I tickle your head and we sing songs. The mommy I want to be has a routine and can say "this is how I get my baby to sleep." The mommy I am says "Lord, we made it through the day, and can't you just go to sleep?" Yikes. Mommy needs more patience. I love you just the same though when you're deliriously sleepy and bouncing off your bed and when you fall asleep instantly before we get to the end of the book. My days are filled with Drew and this is just what I prayed for since the day you were born. I am so thankful I get to spend each day with you watching you grow and learning myself how to grow as a mother. You are endless fun and exhaustion all in one. Or maybe endless fun and pregnancy with your sister is the endless exhaustion. 
Anyway, you can continue to holler at me from your bed. It fully entertains us. 
your mama

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