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Monday, February 1, 2016

things she says

 January was a long month. I spent a week away by myself in Virginia for a Master's class while Andy spent the same week in Florida for work.
 I enjoyed the quiet time, made some sweet friends, and learned a lot about education and my faith. It was, all in all, a great trip, but I wasn't happy to miss my little girl for so long.
 Mine and Andy's flight departed at the same time so he was able to get us there early and walk me to my gate. And watch me cry. I hate goodbyes. I never fly. I was scared of the entire experience. 
 Of course, it went so well and it was the same reminder I get ever so often from the Lord. Sometimes we are pushed out of our comfort zone and forced to rely on Him a little bit, or a lot more. 
 My flight arrived later than Andy's on the Friday we came home after being stuck in the Roanoke, VA airport for 6 hours. After the long week away, I was dying to be home. 
 Andy picked me up with Drew who was ever so happy to see her mama! Made me feel good.
 She is one fine mess these days. Obsessed with Princess Sofia and always asking for stickers.
 Drew usually sits with us for the beginning of the church service on Sundays until they send the children out. This past Sunday Andy had given her money for the offering. I asked her, "are you going to put your money in the offering plate?" She replied, "No, I give it to Jesus." 
 We got a good laugh out of that, but yes, Drew, you were right. That's who you were giving it to. 
 I put Drew's hair in a high pony on top of her head last week and told her to look in the mirror. She said, "I look like the Grinch!" I said, "Don't you mean Cindy Lou Who??" She said, "yea! Cindy Woo  Who!" So later in the evening after she had had a bath and was in her bed, she felt her head and made the observation that her ponytail was gone. She said, "Mommy, I no wook wike Cindy Woo Who anymore." Then proceeded to cry. 
 She says the funniest things. 
 She loves her cousin Abigail, and her best friends, Brittney and Emmy.
 And though I worried a lot that she would always like her daddy more than me, I feel certain we are in a tie now:) She likes to tell everyone, "No, mommy do it!" 
 I can't believe how close we are getting to adding another baby to this mix. I'm already wondering how my sanity will handle the change. It's so funny how clueless you are with your first. I am hoping my knowledge from the first go with an infant will carry me through with another!
 I have 6 friends who were pregnant as of a month ago. Five of them have had their babies- all in the month of January. Four of those babies were their second. Each birth was different and each newborn has been different. I'm already anticipating what this birth will be like and if this baby will have colic. Fingers crossed? 
 We will love her no matter what. And assign Drew night time duty if we must. Payback right? :) 
 We have decided on a name for the new girl and Drew already knows how to say it. You can ask her, what is your baby sister's name? She says, "baby sister." 
I will post about the name soon!

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