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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Almost Three

I am a terrrrrible mom. Here I am posting about Drew when I haven't introduced Greer to the blog. She's next. 
It's just that Drew is just growing so fast and turns three next week!
I wanted to put a few things on the blog for memories sake.
Drew LOVES dressing up. She has princess attire at home and at the lake. Some mornings she wakes up and before she ever comes out of her room, she puts on a princess dress. When she finds me, she stands there without saying anything, just holding the skirt of her dress. She needs an immediate "Oh wow, look at the princess!" before the morning can begin.
And as much as she loves being a girly princess, she loves pretending to be a pirate, too. She has a sword that she likes to whack us with. We are working on teaching her to be kind in her pretending!
She says the best things all the time. I mean the best. So many times I wish I could record our conversations. She is such a smart girl and has the best vocabulary for such a little person. I am partial to thinking she's the smartest, of course!
A few funnies:
On the way home from our sweet sitter, Mrs. Michelle's house, I asked Drew to tell me about her day. She said, "It's a long story." I asked her to tell me what she played and if she had fun. She said, " I told you it was a long story, mom!" 

Drew is successfully potty trained and swimming almost the length of the pool underwater! She has had a big summer. She's still in a pull up at night though and sometimes she fusses about it. One night recently she was deliriously tired and long past the point of exhaustion. I told her we had to put the pull up on and she started crying. Through dramatic tears, she asked me "Mommy, do you have to wear a pull up too, just in case??" Some days I have to leave the room so she doesn't see me laughing. 

One morning we were on the way to Mrs. Michelle's and Drew randomly asked where her ninnies(her chest!) came from. I told her God gave them to her along with all of the other body parts. She was quiet for a minute. Then she asked, "what about the trees?" I told her God made those too and named some other things in nature that God created. She then asked if God had a magic wand or a magic finger. 
Drew repeats everything. Nothing misses her ears. Sometimes you don't know she's heard something until much later, though. I think she has a little storage bank of words and phrases she doesn't understand to pull out at random times. One day we were sitting in her room playing and it was quiet. She had become busy doing her own thing. All of a sudden she looked at me and said, "Mommy, are you thinking what I'm thinking??" I don't know where it came from, but it was almost the perfect thing to say for the moment.

There are more, but Greer is staring at me from her swing, probably wondering why I haven't written about her! You're next sweet Greer baby!

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