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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Almost Halloween!

 I feel certain Greer has been super grumpy the last three days because of an ear infection. Although, I didn't put that together until today. The ENT will have to wait till Monday and the poor girl is struggling. She napped while Drew doodles partied.
 Kitty Tiger and her Clown bestie.
 One day they are going to be so happy we took soooooo many pictures of them.
 I thought we were going to have a cry session over the clown costume, but she surprised me! She wore it and the wig! 
 I do think it made her feel a little funny because she didn't seem to want to look at anyone today. She also avoided speaking to some of her pre-school friends on the square. I think she was feeling a little self-conscious. You go Drew! You rocked that pink wig.
 Britt, Emmy is a spotlight kind of girl. Literally, every picture I took she was perfectly still and smiling. Earth to Drew......
 Trunk or treating on the square was not our jam. Way too long of a line. We hit up a few candy stops and then went to watch Emmy dance in the Fever show.
 I think Drew snuck a looooot of candy out of her bucket today. At one point she started to unwrap bubble gum, but we're cruel and have told her that's only something you can have when you're five.

 Sweet Lillian!
 Sweet Lillian tried to follow directions to take a picture with her friend, but said friend was still not looking people in the eyes and fumbling with her balloon. 
 Ya happy mom??

 Ditched the wig! 
 Found some more leaves. 
 Wait! Look at this one!

 Drew is super in touch with her fall side. She's been singing a song about falling leaves and acorns. We love her hearing her sing. We love that she is learning so much at school.
 Tonight, I picked Drew's Halloween books to read at bedtime. I told her we had to read them since Halloween would be over on Monday. I opened the book to the first page and she said, "Mommy, you skipped the title page!"
She has also been worrying over "spooky" things like shadows and walking into dark rooms alone. I think her growing brain and the season are getting the best of her. Love this sweet stage of three-year- old. Love you Drew Doodles!
 Happy Halloween you guys!

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