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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Phone Dump

I am currently uploading 6,797 pictures to my computer. I kid you not. I have a PROBLEM. My first problem is that I take too many pictures. The second problem is that I let them sit on my phone for two years. You know what will make you cry? Watching baby Drew pictures and videos. She is growing so fast. Knowing this, I look at Greer every day and will myself to love all of her babyness. Her smell, coos, soft fuzzy head, squishy arms and legs, and even her spit up. I remember last fall, LAST FALL, reading this quote about how when you put your child in a high chair for the last time, you may never even realize it. And I got to thinking the other night.. when was Drew's last time in a high chair? I mean, I threaten to put her in it a few times a week if she doesn't sit still while she's eating her dinner, but man. In all reality, my first baby will never sit in one again. 
So it's fall again. This time last year I was beginning my program and wondering how fast I could get through it. Pregnancy with a toddler and trying to keep my eyes open to read slowed me down. This fall is such a change. I have energy! I am getting things done! I am also taking 6 courses before January to finish and student teach in the Spring. Yep, I have to student teach for 15 weeks to graduate with my Master's. I am excited though and am already anticipating how I will feel about leaving my girls all day to go to work. I also have to go back to Liberty for another week in January. I could write a book about how much I love Liberty. I have enjoyed every bit of my experience at this school. I have met so many amazing people and learned so much about my field, and myself. 

Enough text..I love snaps from my phone because they are the best reflection of daily life with these two girls.

 We visited daddy-o at work this week. Also, the girls are dressed alike which doesn't happen often. I'm not a matchy matchy mom, I'm a cool mom!
 While in Alpharetta, we popped by Jaime's house to leave a goodie bag for Weston and to tinkle in their yard. Johns Creek housewives would be appalled. 
 Drew's new thing and no she didn't learn this from me. "ooooh faancy!"

 Oh you know, just walking the baby. Love carrying my sack of sugar around the greenbelt.
 Bossy banana picking out her "moms."
 5 second before this she was screaming to get away from the Home Depot scaries Halloween aisle.
 This was an awful attempt at representing trips to the grocery store. That's Greer's head and orange bow. Also, Drew is holding a bath and body bag with her new pumpkin spice body spray. She really needed it. 
 Pumpkin decorating. Why haven't I snapped a picture of what she did to these after I took this picture. Yikes. 

 We've been potty trained since summer and only want to wear out panties when we get home. What is she? A grown man? This day I told her, at least keep your Halloween shirt on to decorate the pumpkins!
Too soon for a bonnet?? It was cold this morning! 
SOMETIMES we get out of the house to enjoy a beautiful fall day and it makes us feel good inside.
And sometimes we get out of the house get halfway into our walk and we have. to. tinkle. now. now. now. Please don't report me to child services.
 Drew loves to hear the band play so much so that she remembered walking by and hearing them last fall. So this is a new fall activity. Stalking the band. Those kids have to be wondering what mother brings her kids to band practice for entertainment.
 Band members or baby sitters?
Show them your dance skills, Drew! Give em a little robot!
 That one weekend we got away to the lake and I studied on the deck and drank warm coffee and snuggled Mr. Broome.
 Morning routine: Wake sister in crib. Stop toddler from bouncing sister out of crib.
 The normal "have to go potty" routine as soon as mommy even thinks about getting a lick of exercise. "Why you gotta exercise, mommy??" Good thing the Greenbelt has a bathroom.

 Someone might walk into the bathroom and think that I was insane. What an odd place to stage a photo shoot. Nope, just remembering the times when a run is hard because one day these girls will go to college and I won't have them to run with me. Or maybe I will drive to their colleges and make them run with me. 

Sometimes I tell Drew we are going on a "leaf hunt" to get her out of the house. She's quickly catching on to me.

"When you're not looking I will attempt to suffocate the cat."
Another snap from date weekend. Loveeeeeeee Wedoweeeeeee.
"Share your sunglasses, mommy"

 I love Drew's little lunchbox. I secretly couldn't wait for lunch bunch to begin so Drew could carry a Lulie lunchbox every day.

 My big baby! Greer is a healthy, growing girl

 Enough with the pictures mommmmmy.
Greer baby is a talker just like her sister.

 Rolls for days. I would have her no other way.
Visiting Nana's school and found a rocking chair in the copier room. 
 First day daddy-o got to take Drew doodles to school. So proud when daddy-o takes her anywhere.
Meanwhile for memory's sake, but mommy looks like she rolled out of bed. Probably because I did.
We spend so much time at the camper and both girls love a good sink bath when we're there. I love giving it to them too! I will be HEARTBROKEN when they no longer fit in that tiny sink.
This phone dump is taking us back to summer. Daddy's first mate on the pirate ship.
Bringing her Dr.'s kit to the ENT. And for the record, I had never been to an ENT until Drew was born.
"Mommy, listen. You be the class and I'm the teacher."
Typical attempting to reign Drew in and occupy Greer at the same time. 

 What would we do without mimi and pawpaw's pool? 
Riding dude.
We swim now. I tried so hard show her diving this summer but she's instead mastered the belly flop.
On Drew's actual b-day she requested Olive Garden. Ha! She had been there maybe twice before. 
LOVES her kyle. Even though he is attempting to grow a man bun. 
When the turban isn't posed. 
Balloons are ALWAYS a good idea.
Blue is your color, my girl!

Little mermaid b-day attire.

Tubing for b-day fun!
Agh! I don't know how to put a bunch of heart emoji's here, but know that's what I'm thinking.

Blurry camper snuggle time with my favorite ladies. Attempting to put the two nuts in the middle to sleep.
When the turban goes all wrong again.
B-day cake ball dinglehoppers. And I took some awesome pics of her party, but that would require me uploading my camera too, sooooooooooooo.......
Sofia and camper sink bath.

I see you, Andy.

"Mommy let me hold Greer! Ok, move her, please."
Cousins are fun!
"Get in my play house mommy! No, get out!"
"Stay still while I straighten your hair" (With kitchen tongs)
Poor Greer baby. Do you get to have any fun??
5 seconds after this picture she slipped in goose poop. Endless tears. Poop on elbows. Let's go home now.
Sweet Greer baby. 
Attending her first boat rave.
Oh hey Mr. Broome! This was another lake night and we had both babies on the boat. I look super happy but I remember being realllly ready to get Greer back on dry land. Mom probs, right?
besties foreverrrr
I just noticed Greer in this picture haha
Love Aunt Jenny!
Precious girl, lots of heart emojis. Also, this wasn't taken with my phone.
Basically sums up life. No complaints here. More heart emojis.

Reading to her babies. But really practicing telling them all "no" and "listen to me."
Snuggling my newborn. These pictures are old.
I just posted this picture because I like my shoes.
Butter those rolls! Agh!

Once again.. life.
More heart emojissssssss
Cannnnnonnnnn ballllllll
Snaps I send Andy. And he's all, "why do you have a dog on your face?"
I don't even know, it just felt necessary. Greer, your mom is wierd.
Lots of snuggles this summer. I'll never have time with these girls like the last year has given me. 
Look, we dressed Greer up too!
A week in July at Liberty- made a thousand times easier with a sweet new friend. 

And tubing down this crazy mountain.
Agh, why don't we have one of these at home? I would go weekly.
Hey Lauren!
I studied so much that week. Bleh. My brain is tired from studying so much. I wish I could visit this amazing library every day.
Liberty you are so prettttty.

Facetime Drew doodles and she asked every time.. "Are you coming back??" Insert crying emoji.
First day on our 4th of July trip and Andy cut his knee to the bone after slipping on a boat ramp. 
He survived. I was a little worried. This was the week they were saying there was dangerous bacteria in the water.
So much fun, let's go back! 

Another July pic. Took Drew to have lunch with daddy-o and to visit my Alpharetta friends.
So wish we got to see these sweet faces more often.
Mommy Drew date day. (These are the best Drew Doodles!)
Who's looking?? No one.
Ok, I'm done. Obviously this isn't 6k+ pictures, but I literally can't upload them all here. I wanted to remember the special things. I treasure every last one of these moments! Also, this post took me days to just get the pictures loaded so I make no claims for correct grammar, spelling, or sense. 

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