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Monday, November 21, 2016

Happiest Baby in the World

 All she wants for Christmas is her two front teeth..
 and mashed potatoes, cheese grits, icing, and everything else!
 Who me?
 I would take a picture of Drew, but that would require her to sit still.
 I can't explain how thankful I am for this week away. Andy said it's nice to see me smile! Not that I don't normally smile, but the last couple of months have been a crunch for school work. Advice to everyone: do not go back to school with babies! Get it done before babies or when they're bigger. 
But more power to you if you can do it. I'm doing it and some days I feel like my brain is total mush and some days I feel like I'm wearing a fancy freakin cape with a big "M" on the back. M is for mom and this mom is doing it, oh yea! 
(This post brought to you by two glasses of wine and two hours of economics homework)

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