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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Babe in the bath

 Greer baby, you are growing so big! The last doctor visit you weighed in at eighteen pounds.
 You would rather eat real food than baby food and though you have only three teeth, you seem to make it work.
 You aren't crawling yet, but you do this awkward looking flying squirrel thing that makes everyone laugh. If you see something you want, you roll to it. Sometimes you get there, sometimes you just tick yourself off.
 You get mad when your sister snatches toys out of your hand and I get mad when sister snatches. An endless cycle I am sure for years to come.
 You are still a twelve hour sleeper. I'm going to pray that you are a fantastic sleeper while I am completing my student teaching this Spring.
 Your sister on the other hand..
On Christmas at 3:23 am- I woke to your sister at the side of my bed whispering that she heard Santa's jingle bells and we needed to go see if he ate the cookies. I wish I could say that this was just Christmas eve excitement, but no.. your sister is three and up one or two times a night.
You are the squishiest, happiest, biggest smiling baby there ever was.

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