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Thursday, December 29, 2016


 Santa brought Drew a bike and Andy and I were excited to take her to ride it. Today was warm and overcast and a perfect time to learn.
 But when I think things should be perfect they are often the opposite.
 Drew felt insecure on the bike and kept wanting to get off. We wanted her to try it out and wanted her to understand that the training wheels would prevent the bike from falling over. We didn't get far before what seemed like no end to the crying and whining. 
As a mother of a three year old, I try to remember that this is her age. Part of me though, thinks that maybe she's giving up at the first feeling of fear. That worries me a little. Of course, then I worry that I shouldn't be worried over a tot learning to ride a bike. Parenthood is hard. There is no right and wrong answer. 
We encouraged her to stay on the bike until we got to this pretty gazebo and then walked the bike back. We praised her for trying and cheered when she remembered to use the brakes. We were frustrated over the crying mainly as so much is a whiny issue these days. Is it age? I have heard from so many that two and three are hard ages. I don't want to be to hard on my girl, but I also want to encourage her to be brave and to try things knowing mommy and daddy are right there with her.
I could ruminate on these thoughts for way too long.
 I was playing with Drew at the park yesterday and pretending with her and I thought to myself how fast she turned into a little girl with such a huge imagination. I thought about how quickly Greer would do the same.

 I hope I can give this girl grace when she needs it and know when to hug her hard for all of her three year old frustration.

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