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Monday, December 26, 2016

Finally getting around to loading up Christmas pictures

 Drew Doodles heading to her class Christmas party.
 "What are all of these words on my shirt??"
 Christmas angels on Christmas Eve
 Setting up for Christmas morning was more fun than ever this year. Drew is at the best age. She asked for a toy catalogue, princess dresses, and a princess baby doll.
 We went to Santa at McGees a couple of weeks ago and Drew told him that she wanted a toy catalogue. He said "A toy Cadillac! That's a fancy toy you want young lady!" She corrected him, "no, a toy cat-a-logueeeee"
 Dream big girl.

Finally! A non-pregnant, non-hospital-just-gave-birth, family photo!
 Oh yes! Aunt Britt and Emmy took me and Drew doodles to Callaway as their Christmas gift. It was so much fun! The girls loved it and I vaguely remembered going as a kid.
 I experimented with my camera and a copper pipe and the results were.... blurrrrry! But filled with sweet memories.

 Lastly, the few pictures taken from Christmas morning.
 Drew picked her outfit. Actually, she was mostly naked or in a princess dress all of Christmas.
Snuggly time in front of Mimi and Pawpaw's tree.
 Nana and Greer baby watching Christmas movies.
 Hehe- one of Greer's new faces.
 Learning to ride in her spandex. This kid.
We had the best Christmas. Not pictured were Aunt Jenny, Uncle B, and Abigail and the musical instruments, Easy bake oven, and giant unicorn they gave Drew for Christmas. Don't worry guys, I will get you back. Also not pictured were Padaddy, Uncle M, and Kyle, Aunt Linda, and Uncle Dale.
We love you guys! Had the best Christmas with all of you.

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