Wednesday, December 28, 2016

the princess dress up rack

I've had a bunch of people ask me about this so I thought I would post about it.
I asked Andy to build Drew a princess dress up rack for Christmas. If you know Andy, you know he doesn't do anything without 100% effort and commitment. Kind of why I like him.

 I had something simple in mind as Andy has been traveling so much and I knew he wouldn't have any time but a weekend or two to complete it. I searched Pinterest for ideas and e-mailed them to him.
I should have known he would veer off the Pinterest path and do his own thing. He raided his barn wood stash and sanded and cut a few pieces. I helped him pick the stain, rope, and copper pipe. We saw a swing for holding shoes on one of the links I sent him so he made one for Drew.
 I ordered the sparkly clothes hangers from Etsy.
 I love it! I am not sure Drew knows what a treasure she has in this beautiful piece her daddy made, but she will someday.
 I should have taken pictures of the progress, but the finished product is pretty amazing. 
I love you, Andy! You always go above and beyond. You're the best.

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